Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Arrived in Malaga

We got here fine last night and checked in to our hotel, the Hostel Victoria on Sanchez de Lara. It is a nice friendly place, clean and comfortable. Today was a bit challenging at first until we figured out where things were and got into the swing of being tourists. It was absolutely amazing in the end. Saw Picasso museum, Alcazaba and Gibralfor fortifications and archeological digs. All very substantial historic sites.

It felt pretty cool sitting outside for breakfast at 8:30 this morning but by 1:00 it was sunny and beautiful. Not sure but I´d guess 18-20 Both the forts and the walks up to them were looking out over the city with mountains to the north and the Mediteranean to the south. Although it´s winter, there were still some flowers around and lots of oranges ripe on the orange trees that are all over the old part of town. Pictures now...

Inside the Alcazaba.

Poinsettias inside the traffic circle.

The Municipal park.


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I´m in Granada! Hope to see you soon!!!!


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