Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Monachil, Capileira, Orgiva, and Salobreña

We´ve been a number of places the last few days. From Granada we took a day trip up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains the nearest town, called Monachil. It is a beautiful farming village less than an hour´s bus ride from the big city. Full of olive orchards, vegetable gardens, dogs, a few cows, and a few nice restaurants. The best part was a walk to the archeological site of a paleolithic habitation. It was one of the sites from which artifacts had been displayed at the archeological museum in Granada. Very beautiful and surrounded by undeveloped land and walking paths.

Then two days ago we got on another bus, this time to Capiliera, another mountain town a couple of hours by bus at about 1500 meters above sea level. This one looks just like an old farming village but is situated within the Sierra Nevada National Park so also has tourism, even on a December week day. The hiking up there is spectacular Chris took lots of shots :) And its easy to see why people like it up in the montains so much. The air is clear and there is little traffic noise. We stayed in a great hotel up at the top of the village. Wonderful room, hospitality, breakfast, and Kaila even got a rose from the gardener.

Orgiva was our midway stop coming back down the mountain. All the information we were able to gather regarding the buses told us that there was one leaving Orgiva early in the morning headed south to Salobreña. But it turns out you can´t do that. We had to head back to Granada first. It turned out not to too bad though. We still got here by 2:00 in time to have a walk on the beach and rocks. it was a beautiful day, kind of like Indian Summer in Nova Scotia. It was our first chance to wear sandals which felt great after the hiking boots.

Tomorow another museum and fortification and then back on the bus to Malaga.


Blogger Tim said...

Still Jealous. We're (Elly and I) almost getting used to you being gone. Grandma and Grandad came by today and took her Elly for a walk. It was probably the highlight of the last week and a half for her, seeing as I'm so boring to her. Two meals and one walk a day. I wish I could take her to the park or something. At least she'll be really happy to see the parents home again. Enjoy the rest of the trip as much as it seems like you've enjoyed the first of it.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

I got your picasso postcard today. Nice to hear from you.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

I just read that you had a blog from Kaila's site. So glad to hear you're all having a great trip! All the sight-seeing sounds amazing. Enjoy the rest of your time away!


11:19 AM  

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