Monday, March 20, 2006

Oaxaca City

After three different but smooth sailing flights via Toronto and Mexico City, we arrived here at the Hotel Azucenas in Oaxaca City. This is a beautiful part of the world with relatively clean air, lovely temperatures, and lots of arts and culture. This weekend just happens to be a local festival 4-day weekend. There is a constant supply of music and dancing in the town square - really great music! We could have done a Global Village submission - OK maybe not us, but someone talented in that direction like Chris Lambie.

The hotel is small and charming. The central feature is a courtyard that leads upstairs to the roof garden. Many blossoms including jacaranda, amarillis, clematis, ... The rooms, especially the showers are great. One of the former owners was a Canadian plumber. No trouble at all sleeping in between various seranades from bands, wandering musicians, trucks with musical brakes, the town dog symphony, ...

We saw the pre-Hispanic Museum of Art today with artifacts from 1250 AD to 750 BC, representing the art of such peoples as the Mayas and many others as found in Oaxaca and other areas of Mexico, like Veracruz. There were many ceramic figures of people, gods, goddesses, priests, and just regular people. Also dogs, jaguars, turkeys, vultures, and more dogs. There were stone carvings and some alabaster. It kept us busy for a few hours. We loved it.

We've also been trying out different restaurants. La Red last night served up amazing fish, marinated in lemon and garlic and shrimp. Today we stopped at a very nice vegetarian restaurant near the hotel. It was great as well and the waitress helped me with a Spanish lesson :)

It's off to see some ruins and rug weaving establishments tomorrow.



Blogger Kaila said...

Sounds like fun! Make me want to get back to the travelling lifestyle :P

Elly and I have been having a great time, although I'm sure she misses you. She sticks to me like glue!

Keep enjoying Mexico and the weather!
Your favorite daughter

7:26 AM  

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