Friday, March 24, 2006

A couple more phots:

Jacaranda (?) trre in Oaxaca city.
2 views from the rooftop terraza in Purto Escondido


Blogger LynchHartsinOz said...

Norah and Chris, The photos are gorgeous! Had a great walk and tea with Katie on Thurdsay, and as we were having our tea in the cafe, Shirley Rogers and June and Isobel joined us and we had a tea party. We all had fun. Gordon has asked that his painting gear be brought over to the new place and GG delivered it last night. All is well on the home front. Enjoy! Love, Mary

5:27 AM  
Blogger Kaila said...


Sounds incredible! The weather in Toronto is not NEARLY as nice (actually cold and drizzly today) but I've been having a great time with Rachel showing me the ropes :) Tomorrow morning is my interview and then I'll get to see Christine, John and Katie!! Wish me luck!!


5:54 PM  

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