Friday, March 24, 2006

Day 3 in Oaxaca City

Hi, it's Chris this time. We spent the day doing things around downtown today. First was an artesans craft shop with all sorts of clothing, embroidering etc, wood carvings, leather work. It was a collective shop. We're trying to be more polictically correct than shopping at the streetside vendors all over the place.
Then on to a tour of the botanical garden. It was part the grounds of a very large monestery and church that is now the major cultural museum. Guided tour of the graden before lunch then a great meal at one of the many upscale restaurtants around the museum and then the museum in the afternoon. All of it was great.
I can't quite find the words for it all other than great and fun. The garden has many of the plants that have beenused for food, fibre and herbs for centuries. Corn, squash, pepprers, more peppers, then some hot peppers then the agave plant for making mezcal and fibres, The museum was a combination of touring a huge monastery, looking through artefacts from the entire history of Oaxaca, and listening to a handheld phone speaker that told the story of Oaxaca, Stone age to today.


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