Sunday, May 14, 2006

Friday May 12 - Quebec City to Ottawa

Friday May 12 – Quebec City to Ottawa
Only 500 km today. It was easy. We stayed north of the St Lawrence on Hwy 40 then avoided Montreal on 640, 115 and 60 and crossed the Ottawa River at Hawkesbury Then we followed it west to Ottawa on Hwy 17. We got there early enough to spend a couple of hours at the National Gallery of Canada (don’t you know) downtown beside Parliament Hill before we met Ben and Joyce for dinner and the night at their place in what was Nepean, now part of Ottawa.
I don’t think we’ll have much luck identifying birds from the car but we did see dozens of V formations of ducks, maybe geese and lots of red-winged blackbirds. Some kind of hawk, but too far away to be sure of what.
It was pouring rain at Hawkesbury and drizzling off and on after that but the Ottawa valley in springtime is quite a nice rural scene.
We toured the permanent Canadian section of the gallery and it was great. Especially the Group of Seven collection, to my mind anyway. Of course there were a lot of other great paintings, too many to appreciate really, but those really stood out.


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