Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday May 21 – Weyburn to Shaunavon

A whole day of rural Saskatchewan, and not a bit of the Trans Canada. Hwy 13 runs parallel to the TCH but about 80 km south of it. We followed it west from Weyburn for about 90 km then headed south 50 km to within 10 km of the Montana border. West from here is called the Big Muddy Badlands. From the part we saw, it’s not badlands in the spectacular Dakota sense but beautiful huge rolling grass hills with a few bluffs. Apparently its quite well known as a hideout for natives and hombres avoiding the US law back in the day, but you need to hire a guide to go on private property to see the hideouts. We didn’t do that, we just cruised through Big Beaver, Buffalo Gap, all the way to Willow Bunch. By the time we got back on Hwy 13 a little after noon it was 27 degrees and sunny. I had originally thought we’d go to the Grasslands National Park further west but the review I read said: while you’re wandering through this undeveloped Park (eg wandering in the grass) expect ticks and watch out for rattlesnakes. We decided it didn’t sound like much fun, especially with Elly, so instead we spent the day cruising 500 km of cattle range and wheat fields. Wide open spaces that went on forever and very rural. Tons of different birds and ducks and quite a few deer as well.
We ended up in Shaunovan. It’s a really nice rural town full of lilacs and what I’d call Aspen but maybe they’re Dogwood trees, and apparently everyone in town wants it to be named Kraft’s CBC Hockeyville. Had a great roast beef buffet dinner at what was the main old hotel in town, but is now just a restaurant and pub and are now tucking in for an early night. Amazing how tiring this car touring business is. Won’t be posting this with it’s photos today. Most likely tomorrow by which time we expect to be in Alberta.


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Hi Chris, Norah and Ellie: How is everything going? You made it to Saskatchewan already? The Kenora Falls look beautiful. Hope you missed the hail storm last week. When are you coming back and if you are going past Pickering, hope you can come over as a stopover or whatever works best.
Happy Victoria Day!! Love, Marilyn and Doug

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