Sunday, May 21, 2006

Winnipeg, Manitoba to Weyburn, Saskatchewan

The weather has been wonderful. Warm and sunny most of our time in Winnipeg and a bit cooler but still sunny continuing west. On Friday night we ate at the famous Salisbury House on Portage in downtown Winnipeg. The cheese bit (burger) and salad were very tasty. Then we walked around St. Boniface, the french-speaking side of Winnipeg. This was the prettiest neighbourhood with large lawns and gardens and beautiful playgrounds and parks. The most interesting point was the remains of an old cathedral converted to a theatre.

Our drive on highway 1 west brought us into the land of big farms. We had a pleasant stop in Brandon where there is a great set of walkways up and down the Assiniboine River and a place for good coffee. We turned off highway 1 at Whitewood onto highway 9 and cruised south through beautiful large farms. Then west again on highway 13 to Weyburn. On highway 13 we saw more huge farm fields and wetland ponds - at least one pond for every duck :)

Weyburn is where T. C. Douglas preached at the Calvary Baptist Church. And also the birthplace and home of W.O. Mitchell, the author.


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Just getting my first chance to check on your progress and it sounds and looks like you made the right choice(except for the blackflies on occasion). Beautiful shots! All went well with mothers day and everyone got home safely. Just trying to get a breather this weekend after a few hectic weeks. Cath's birthday party is at the Waeg tonight but she mostly organiized this one herself - after all she is 17 now! Saw Tim at work yesterday and he seems great except he would have rather been outside, of course! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Glad there has been no mention of car issues. All the best. Tom

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