Friday, May 19, 2006


We drove the 250K or so miles from Kenora to Winnipeg in a few short hours. West Hawk Lake was formed by a meteor blast about 100 million years ago. It is now the site of a developed Provincial Park - our first experience in the province of Manitoba. The water is clear and the surroundings are basically rocks and trees, our favourite things (especialy Ellie's). Before we noticed the sign that says "no dogs on beach", Ellie got in for a nice swim. Then we found a marked "scenic walk" with very pretty views over the lake.

We seem to be just a few days ahead of he tourist season. None of the tourist information offices were open along the way but they appeared to be readying themselves for the upcoming long weekend. Chris' internet searches on dog-friendly hotels came in handy as did the Canada version of the Lonely Planet. We are now staying at he Greenwood Hotel situated not too far from the centre of the downtown, but far enough away to make it easy to find services. So far we have found good restaurants, the forks park, an off-leash dog park, and a movie theatre. Winnipeg really is a beautiful city!
Our walk around the legislature and "the Forks" was fun, even if some of the paths were closed from the famous spring flooding of the Red and Assiniboine.


Blogger Kaila said...

I found the same thing about tourist season not quite ready on my cross-America drive last spring. I think most things were planning on opening Memorial/Victoria Day weekend, so you likely won't have that problem too much longer :-)

It's beautiful here, I hope you're getting some nice weather to enjoy!


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